Client Recommendations

“I have worked with Jennifer nearly a decade in few different capacities. I have worked on many different types of projects with Jennifer from patent prosecution, business consulting, IP commercialization education/seminar, and start-up deals. Jennifer has extremely high integrity and therefore the end product is very high in quality. More recently, Jennifer has been a great resource for other IP related projects such being an excellent seminar speaker on the subject of IP commercialization education. . In addition, Jennifer’s business network is vast, and we were able to create a mutually beneficial collaboration with one of the start-up companies that originated from my office.”  January 11, 2012
Denichiro “Denny” Otsuga, Ph.D. – Director of Technology Transfer at South Dakota State University.  Dr. Otsuga has worked with Jennifer since 2003.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jennifer on several patent related projects, and I was always impressed not only by her technical knowledge of the subject matter, but also her perspectives on the legal and business issues relevant to each case. She is a motivated team player who is willing to share her line of thinking with her clients, which helped me to evaluate each case on which we worked together.  Jennifer is an organized and clear thinker who was always committed to the ultimate project quality. In addition, her enthusiasm and professional can-do attitude made her a delight to work with, and I would certainly look forward to working with her again in the future.”  December 3, 2011
Eric Gosink, Ph.D. – Formerly a Licensing Manager at the University of Utah, a Technology Transfer Administrator at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and a Senior Corporate Development Specialist at Life Technologies.  Currently Dr. Gosink is a Senior Licensing Officer at the University of California in San Diego.  He has engaged Jennifer as a patent attorney since 2003.

“I had the pleasure of working with Jennifer on an entire portfolio of pharma-related patent applications. Jennifer is the ultimate professional who strives to ensure her client is fully aware of the various options for filing and prosecuting patents, while providing great guidance on the most appropriate strategy.  In addition to bringing a very strong scientific background to her patent work, she is very detail-oriented, hard working and dedicated to maximizing her clients’ success. As a bio-pharma patent attorney, Jennifer gets my strongest recommendation.”  November 29, 2011
Claude Piché, Ph.D., D.V.M. – Formerly the Vice President of Clinical Development and Regulatory Affairs at PR Pharmaceuticals.   Dr. Piché has worked with Jennifer since 2004.

“Jennifer is a pleasant and conscientious professional. I have enjoyed working with her on matters concerning both business and law.”  November 1, 2011
Rick Silva, Ph.D., M.B.A. – Director of Technology Transfer, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center.  He has worked with Jennifer for over ten years.

“Jennifer McCallum might just give attorneys a GOOD name. It was not possible to pick only three attributes. In addition to great results, deep knowledge and expertise (chemistry, microbiology, and IP law), she is very personable with high integrity, she delivers on time, and has creative solutions to thorny problems.”  October 31, 2011
Glenn Prestwich, Ph.D. – Presidential Professor of Medicinal Chemistry and Chief Scientific Officer, Echelon Biosciences.  Dr. Prestwich as worked with Jennifer since 2000.

“I know Jennifer not only from her law practice, but also for her pursuit of solutions in the field of stem-cell therapy. Jennifer has grown her practice very successfully by providing high customer service and creative legal solutions for problems that stand in the way of her clients. I highly recommend Jennifer and the McCallum Law Firm.” November 4, 2011
Art Rancis – Currently the Vice-President of Sales, Marketing, and Service at InPhase Technologies.  Formerly the Vice-President/General Manager, Commercial Products and Technologies at Ball Aerospace, Vice-President of Product Innovation Laboratories at Samsung Electronics, and Vice-President of Marketing at Sony Electronics.

“At the time I was running UKTI USA, we were making a major push to attract investment from the Denver region into the UK. Jennifer proved to be one of the best informed and connected of our multipliers in the Colorado region – thoroughly professional and a real pleasure to work with.”  November 7, 2011
Alastair Newton – Director, UK Trade & Investment USA.  Formerly Managing Director and Senior Political Analyst at Lehman Brothers.

“Dr. McCallum is my first choice for any and all legal work. Her professionalism, knowledge, and attention to detail are second only to her insistence on only the highest of integrity.  I truly appreciate her honesty and pursuit of excellence.”  November 1, 2011
Mark McWilliams – CEO and President of Hunter Investments

“Jennifer is a very talented, knowledgeable, and experienced attorney who focuses on the important aspects of an issue, especially when it involves business factors.  I know many business executives heavily rely on her advice beyond the usual legal framework.” October 31, 2011
Brad Sutton – Lawyer, General Counsel at Large. Brad has worked closely with Jennifer on numerous cases for over ten years.

“I have found Jennifer to be a thoughtful, collaborative, and creative IP attorney, with a solid grasp of the business issues surrounding her legal work.  In addition, she is a genuinely pleasant person to work with.”  October 31, 2011
Colman O’Murchu – Currently the Director at Invotex Group, and previously a principal at Laurel-Knox Partners, LLC, and the Director of Business Development, Private Equity and Venture Capitol at SAP.

“I have worked with Jennifer on many patents over a number of years.  Jennifer can transform complex concepts into beautifully crafted claims – and I have also seen her pull barely conceptualized ideas out of uncooperative inventors.  Either way, she always demonstrates the utmost integrity in her management of intellectual property.  She is an excellent negotiator when players have opposing ideas; she listens carefully to all sides and weighs the costs and benefits to optimize outcomes for the benefit of both parties.  She has a clear understanding of a patent examiner’s thought process, and can anticipate potential outcomes in patent prosecution.  She also has first hand knowledge of intellectual property litigation, and will carefully craft patents with the long-term goal of protecting the owner’s/inventor’s best interest.”  March 18, 2011
Sheryl Hohle – Intellectual Property Specialist at Intermountain Healthcare, which is a  nonprofit system of more than 26 hospitals, surgery centers, doctors, and clinics that serve the medical needs of Utah and southeastern Idaho.  Key medical services include cancer, heart, women and newborns, orthopedics, sports medicine, and more. Major cities served are Logan, Ogden, Salt Lake City, Provo, and St. George.

“I met Jennifer McCallum, Esq., when I leased office space in her building. I have appreciated the opportunity to get to know her over time, through thick and thin.  As we both own businesses, her resources and suggestions have been invaluable.  I continue to engage in business networking and consultation with her, as Jennifer is a highly ethical, intelligent, and motivated attorney and business owner.  She conveys fairness and compassion, while reinforcing the details and reality of any situation.  Her creative problem solving and negotiation skills are exemplary.  I would trust her opinion and conceptualization of any situation, as it always supports success for all involved.  I continue to refer to her as the need arises.”  October 31, 2011
Cynthia Swan, MA, CMFT, LPC – Owner and Licensed Psychotherapist, Swan Psychotherapy

“As a friend and colleague, I have enjoyed working with Jennifer on contentious community stakeholder processes, various development projects, and an extensive regional economic development effort.  Jennifer’s legal savvy and market sector insights are invaluable, broadening the credibility of any team.  I wish her the best and look forward to working with her again.”  November 10, 2011
Mike Burns, PE – Director & Equity Investor, Community Development Group.  Mike has worked with Jennifer on a variety of community projects for over ten years.

“When reading about her super technical law specialties, you’d think that Jennifer would be very intellectual.  While that is very true, she is also very personable and approachable.  Several years ago, she invited me to attend a Women’s Bar Association meeting.  She introduced me to many of the attendees, and made me feel very welcome.  She is a good connector and stays in touch with her network.”  October 31, 2011
Carol Naff, Marketing Coach – Marketing/Business Consultant, Mariner Company

“Jennifer is a consummate professional. She is detail oriented, yet capable of thinking outside the box while still making sure the job is done on time.  If you are looking for someone with experience, than look no further.”  October 31, 2011
Jill Blake – Lead Photographer, Jill Denise Photography

“I have worked with Jennifer within the American Bar Association when she was with the Women’s Rainmakers Group and I was with the Law Practice Management Section.  I have found her to have combined virtually limitless energy with a quick and shining intellect.  She is also engaging, trustworthy and possesses a sincere and caring personality.  I have found that she sets very high standards for the quality of her work.  I would work with her again in a heartbeat, and would endorse her and her work to anyone looking for a strong, dynamic yet personable intellectual property attorney.”   November 2, 2011
David J. Bilinsky – Council member, Pub Board, State and Local Bar Committee, American Bar Association – LPM Section

“Jennifer focuses on listening and helping you, and it’s nice to know she looks out for your best interest without fail.  I’ve known her professionally in the same networks for years, and know I can put my reputation on the line without worry when I recommend her.”  July 3, 2012
Trina Hoefling – Founder, Thought Leader, Facilitator, GroupONE Solutions, LLC

“I take pleasure in writing this referral for Jennifer McCallum.  I met Jennifer through a fellow CEO who had contracted her for many projects.  Global Village Concerns’ original reason for engagement was Jennifer’s credentials and success in licensing, patents, and trademarks.  She quickly began adding strategic value well beyond the tactical filings associated with licensing and trademarks.  Jennifer’s greatest success to date is the licensing agreement completed between GVC and the College Licensing Corporation, which manages hundreds of University trademarks.  This valuable license was a direct result of her creativity and persistence.  As a result of Jennifer’s continued contributions, we extended an invitation for her to join our Corporate Advisory Board.  I recommend Jennifer to any company that is looking to add immediate impact to their licensing and valuation strategy.”  July 12, 2012
George Hampton – President and CEO, Global Village Concerns, A REDHERRING TOP 100 Company in 2012.

“Jennifer’s firm has been an affiliate of our law firm for a number of years and contracts jointly with us on client matters relating to patented technologies. She is highly knowledgeable in her areas of expertise and has worked with us to successfully conclude several cases involving patent infringement. She is reliable and trustworthy. We would recommend her to anyone who wishes to use her services.”  January 16, 2013
David R. Shaub – Partner, Shaub & Williams LLP

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