Sale or Purchase of Intellectual Property

The McCallum Law Firm advises clients on a wide variety of issues regarding the sale or purchase of intellectual property.

Intellectual property rights, like any other property, can be sold, given away, or licensed. For example, it has become increasingly common for borrowers to offer their patents, trademarks, and copyrights as security to collateralize business loans and to assist in debt restructuring – either in mergers and acquisitions or in liquidations and reorganizations.

Jennifer McCallum accepted an appointment as a Chapter 7 Panel Trustee in 2003, the only Trustee with these credentials in the country. As well as administering bankruptcy cases herself, she assists many companies wishing to buy assets out of bankruptcy, as well as other Trustees wishing to sell Intellectual Property assets. Jennifer has worked to sell the assets of many large corporate bankruptcy estates and her unique background as a Patent Attorney and Trustee has allowed her to analyze the assets of the estate, including regulatory approvals and Intellectual Property, continue prosecution of all filings, and ultimately, sell all assets of the bankruptcy estates. She also assists companies with Chapter 11 filings when Intellectual Property is integral to the Confirmation Plan. Jennifer also works with financial entities and corporations when they wish to purchase Intellectual Property assets from Bankruptcy Estates.

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