Local Clients
Advirna, LLC
Colorado Bar Association
Eagle Research and Development, LLC
Faux Design Center Inc
Gene Check, Inc.
MicroG LaCoste, Inc.
MicroSat Systems, Inc.
Paulino Gardens, Inc.
PR Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Snoasis Medical, Inc.
TBK Medical, LLC

National Clients
AlloCure Inc.
Cord Blood America, Inc.
DesignER, LLC
Equine Drug Research Institute (David Nash, D.V.M.)
Echelon Biosciences, Inc.
Dr. Eric Hollander (Neuropharmacology Services, LLC)
FeRX, Inc.
Global Village Concerns
GuidePoint Global, LLC
Immerse Global, LLC
Intermountain Health Care, LLC
NewERA Schools
Palisades Capital, LLC
Photokinetics, Inc.
Silver Oaks Senior Living, LLC
South Dakota State University
Stanford University
Tokum Capital
University of Pittsburgh
University of Utah
U.S. Bio-Remediation, Inc.

International Clients
Davies Collision Cave
Frank B Dehn & Co
Greaves Brewster, LLP
K & S Partners
Microdan SA
Pacific Rim Ventures, Inc.
Shaub & Williams LLP

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