British Dignitary Takes in Erie During First-Ever Trip to Town

Publication: Erie Review Date: 2002

With its wide open vistas, nearby highways and local airports, the Town of Erie seemed to strike a cord with John Maguire last week.

Maguire, a representative of the British Consulate in Denver, was in town Friday, March 22, to take in the sights and meet key business leaders in the community.

During a two-hour walking tour of Old Town Erie and a step along the town’s “Technology Corridor,” officials explained to Maguire plans for putting Erie on the map in terms of economic development.

Maguire showed great interest in Erie’s municipal and nearby community airports.

“Those airports could prove to be real plums as soon as your commercial development plans take off along Interstate 25,” he remarked. “Business owners and CEOs want to come into a community and see economic development potentials without all the hassle of traveling through large regional facilities.”

During his visit to the children’s library, Maguire was treated to a tour of the newly lined book shelves and invited to attend the Saturday, May 11, opening festivities for the facility.

Prompted by interactions with resident Jennifer McCallum, who works internationally as an intellectual property attorney, Maguire’s visit was hosted by the Town of Erie and the Erie Chamber of Commerce.

“There is a nice atmosphere here,” he remarked. “You can see that the people of Erie care about their community. You always hear the comment ‘It’s never about the place, but more about the people.’ I think that is true of any community, especially in Erie where people are the heart and soul and are making their town better through their efforts.”

Reprinted with permission. Colorado Hometown Newspapers 2005.

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